Product information "thoenes® sealing tape braided"

The thoenes® sealing tapes are made of twisted, textured E-glass fibres. The texturing of the fibres ensures a large storage volume and thus good insulation values. The sealing tapes are braided or knitted and are available on request with self-adhesive equipment.

Important features:

  • Non-flammable,
  • Max. continuous temperature up to 550 °C,
  • Short term 650 °C possible,
  • Chemical resistance to oils, greases, solvents and low concentrated acids and bases,
  • No chemical resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF) and phosphoric acid (H3PO4).

Fields of application:
The sealing tapes are used for heat and cold insulation. A large field of application for the thoenes® sealing tapes is in the chimney and furnace construction. These are also suitable for sealing expansion joints, doors and pipes.

Physical forms:

  • White or black,
  • Flat design: width 8 - 100 mm *,
  • Thickness 1 - 3 mm *,
  • With and without stabilizing support seams depending on the width of the strip *,
  • Endless goods on roll or in the desired length *,
  • With and without self-adhesive,
  • Other fibre materials for sealing tape production possible **.

* other dimensions on request
** Attention: In some cases there are changed properties compared to the sealing tapes!