thoenes® Research & Development

Peter Schneider

position: Head of R&D

Research & Development

In our research and development department, your customer benefit is our top priority. Through innovative ideas and progressive approaches, we pursue the ultimate goal of sustainability. We integrate the pioneering idea of "design to recycle" right from the start in order to create environmentally friendly products.  

Focus on customer benefits: Our research and development aims to create products that not only meet your needs, but also make a positive contribution to the environment. We focus on quality, durability and resource efficiency to ensure that you benefit from our solutions not only today, but also in the future. 

Innovative solutions: Our research and development projects focus on creating meaningful products that offer real added value for you and the environment. We use innovative technologies and materials to develop a sustainable and future-oriented product line. Our aim is to create solutions that not only meet current requirements, but are also up to the challenges of tomorrow.  

Environmentally friendly materials: We consistently use environmentally friendly materials that minimize the ecological footprint of our products. By selecting sustainable resources and recycled materials, we help to reduce the environmental impact while ensuring high-quality products.

project OptiCarboLiz
project Le²Gro
project SeilPrepreg
project SmartSeal

thoenes® product and process development

The continuous optimization of our processes and technologies ensures the highest quality!

Coatings for securing the cut edges of braids
Braided structure
Braided structures for lightweight applications
Special seals
Blow-out-proof special seals
Glass fiber cord
Capillary irrigation using glass fiber cord
The conversion of textile products (winding, twisting)
Knitted wire mesh
Capillary irrigation using glass fiber cord
Sensor integration
Sensor integration in technical cords and braids