High performance thermoplastic profiles through continuous fiber reinforcement

thoenes® lightweight solutions

High-performance fibers combined with the most modern polymer materials and unique technology merge into technical solutions and transform your problems into successes.

Braided lightweight components: Flexible manufacturing process for the individual production of hollow profiles made of thermoplastic, fiber-reinforced plastics. Connecting elements for the assembly of frames and supporting structures as required.

Integration of conductive yarns or wires for targeted temperature control (frost protection) or the assumption of sensor functions (mechanical condition monitoring: tension, pressure, torsion.) Three areas are decisive for company development today - sealing technology; Filtration technology and lightweight construction. Each of these areas is inherently characterized by strong and innovation-oriented development, but always interacts with the other areas. Braiding technology, which has been used for over 100 years, is also an important basis for lightweight construction, which influences many industries with the production of rotationally symmetrical elements and other hollow profiles. Modern machines and a constantly increasing level of automation help to meet the constantly changing requirements of markets and customers. The active search for new connections to companies, administrative and municipal institutions, research and educational institutions as well as the expansion of existing relationships require innovative approaches and unconventional implementation strategies. The future-oriented personnel development policy, the recruitment and training of new employees, the qualification of long-standing employees and also the targeted renewal of the employee base by recruiting and training young employees as trainees are part of the innovative company policy.

Fields of application

Modern production technologies and a future-oriented corporate philosophy are complemented by the use of modern sales and communication channels. The modern web store, which meets the highest standards, helps to satisfy acute needs quickly, but also to better communicate and explain new products and services.

Constantly updated certifications of the management systems - the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the occupational health and safety management system according to DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 and the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 by TÜV Süd also form an important basis for the successful development of the company.

The convenient location near 4 highways and many federal highways at the gates of the city of Dresden and in an area of high concentration of companies from various industries supports the combination of innovation and tradition.

special mechanical engineering
agricultural technology
printing machines
chemical plant construction

Engineering - Competence:

Engineering expertise at the highest level: continuous fiber-reinforced hollow profiles and braided reinforcing stirrups. Our outstanding engineering expertise is the key to innovative solutions. Thanks to our focus on continuous fiber-reinforced hollow profiles and braided reinforcing stirrups, we define the standards for maximum resilience, longevity and efficiency. Our endless fiber-reinforced thermoplastic hollow profiles are the future of lightweight construction. Thanks to their combination of braided structure and axially stretched fiber layers, they not only offer exceptional strength, but also a significantly lower weight compared to conventional materials.

(Load case) design:

Our load case design, specializing in thermoplastic continuous fiber-reinforced hollow profiles, offers you groundbreaking solutions. Material combinations of technical polymers such as PA6 or PP and high-performance fibers such as carbon or glass fibers enable maximum strength with minimum weight and significantly increase the efficiency of your products. Our team of experts understands the unique requirements presented by such materials and develops tailored solutions to withstand the stresses and challenges in your applications. With us you rely on innovation, reliability and the future of engineering. Create lightweight but extremely durable structures.