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thoenes® sealing technology GmbH - innovation with tradition

In today's networked, digitalized and internationally operating economy, innovation is one of the most important prerequisites for success and security in the future. Referring to traditions and experiences is at least as important as dealing with the latest technologies and development trends. thoenes Sealstechnik GmbH can combine both sides well and draw strength and resources from this connection for a medium-sized, family-run company. The cross-industry recognition and the ever-increasing cooperation with other innovative companies, research facilities and institutions from the region and the entire country help to develop in a targeted and sustainable manner, even in economically more complicated times. 

Three areas determine the company's development today - sealing technology; Filtration technology and lightweight construction. Each of these areas is inherently characterized by strong and innovation-oriented development, but always interacts with the other areas. Braiding technology, which has been used for over 100 years, is also an important basis for lightweight construction, which influences many industries with the production of rotationally symmetrical elements and other hollow profiles. Modern machines and a constantly increasing level of automation help to meet the constantly changing requirements of markets and customers. The active search for new connections to companies, administrative and municipal institutions, research and educational institutions as well as the expansion of existing relationships require innovative approaches and unconventional implementation strategies. The future-oriented personnel development policy, the recruitment and training of new employees, the qualification of long-standing employees and also the targeted renewal of the employee base by recruiting and training young employees as trainees are part of the innovative company policy.

our values


Uncomplicated, proactive and solution-oriented way of working


Environmental and resource-saving production processes


trusting and stable relationships with customers and partners


employees are the most important resource and are actively involved in innovation and decision-making processes

we are thoenes®

Modern manufacturing technologies and a future-oriented corporate philosophy are complemented by the use of modern sales and communication channels. The modern web shop, which meets high standards, helps to quickly and urgently satisfy emerging needs, but also to better communicate and explain new products and services.

Constantly updated certifications of the management systems - the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the occupational health and safety management system according to DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 and the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 by TÜV Süd also provide an important basis for the successful development of the company.

The convenient location on 4 motorways and many federal highways at the gates of the city of Dresden and in an area with a high concentration of companies from various industries supports the combination of innovation and tradition.

our vision

market leader in noise reduction
technology leader in the field of lichens
innovative solution partner in the area of sealing technology
renowned provider of fiber-reinforced profiles and reinforcements
pioneer in the efficient use of resources

our mission

As a future-oriented, producing and climate-neutral company, we ensure the long-term security of our customers' goals and the future of our employees. Our task is to produce and further develop valuable and sustainable products and services. Environmentally conscious actions, protecting health and maintaining a livable environment are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

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Discover our competencies

Application technology

Our customers expect first-class products that meet their requirements and have a lasting effect. That's why our service begins with determining the optimal possible applications. Together with our customers, we look for individual and tailor-made solutions for existing and new systems. For us, sustainable means enabling our customers to correctly use and maintain our sealing, filtration and lightweight construction products. We are happy to pass on our knowledge about the optimal use of our products to our customers. We instruct our customers' fitters and technicians and impart know-how on the correct application of our sealing solutions.

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3D printing

With the Raise3D N2 we manufacture components made of PLA (bio-based) and PETG using FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). With the powerful Markforged MarkTwo, we use FFF to produce continuous fiber-reinforced plastic parts (PA6) such as: onyx, carbon fibers, glass fibers, Kevlar or HSHT glass fibers. Our Raise 3D N2 is an industrial-grade FDM printer with a build space of 300 x 300 x 300mm³. In contrast, the Markforged MarkTwo can print not only FDM (or FFF) but especially reinforced continuous filaments with a build space of 320 x 132 x 154mm. We also use a “Creality” continuous printer. Using additive manufacturing and the optimized design method, we support you in the production of your prototypes and mockups. We also use 3D printing as a tool to develop individual sealing solutions. 


•  Printing of components made of PLA or PETG (ABS on request) 

•  Printing of Onyx (PA6/CF) with and without continuous fiber reinforcement 

•  Optimize your design for additive manufacturing

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We use the most modern software tools to design technical braids, cords and packings to get the most out of our high-performance fibers. The TexMind Braiding Configurator allows you to simulate the braids without wasting material and to get an impression of the product. The simulation tool is an integral part of our development process.

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Drawing creation

For us, service is more than just providing the required products quickly – for us, service starts beforehand. Especially for customers who do not have the ability to document sealing parts in their systems and machines, it is important to secure future maintenance tasks with precise drawings of seals and sealing parts. We create dimensionally accurate technical drawings for our customers upon request.

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electricity from hydropower

The use of hydropower offers numerous advantages: it is renewable, clean and CO2 neutral. By using the latest technology, we generate electricity from the natural power of water while reducing our ecological footprint.

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