Product information "thoenes® Fabric rubber gasket"

Fabric rubber gaskets consist of an insulation packing as a core and a special rubber coated chromium steel reinforced HT glass fibre fabric as a sheath. They are calibrated or pressed and graphitized. Versions with a built-in flat gasket offer higher pressure resistance and better dimensional stability.

Important features:

  • Temperature resistant up to 700 °C,
  • No risk to health,
  • Resistant to water, steam, neutral aqueous solutions and neutral gases.

Fields of application:

  • Sealing of static applications,
  • Hand, head and manhole closures on boilers and containers, lid, flap and door seals.

Physical forms:

  • Execution as round, oval versions as well as frames or bands,
  • On customer request special material combinations are possible,
  • Optional equipment with stainless steel wire sheathing possible.