Product information "PTFE thread sealing tape type GoldexBand"

The PTFE thread sealing tape type GoldexBand consists of 100% pure unsintered PTFE. It is oil and grease free and FDA compliant.

Important features:

  • The thread sealing tape does not swell and protects against corrosion,
  • It does not age and has no expiration date, with dark, dry storage at room temperature and normal humidity,
  • Physiological safety, but not tested for drinking water,
  • The thread sealing tape is easy to disassemble, it is easily removable even after many years,
  • Operating temperature range between -240 °C to 260 °C,
  • Chemical resistance to the most aggressive media, as well as to water, gases, oils, gasoline, steam, various chemicals and oxygen.

Fields of application:

The PTFE thread sealing tape can be used in almost all domestic installation areas, such as water or gas, or industrial areas, such as steam or compressed air, for left and right-hand threads.

Physical forms:

  • Band width:                          approx. 12, 18, 19, 24, 25, 48 mm *
  • Material thicknesses:            0.1 mm *
  • Tape lengths:                        approx. 13 mm or 33 mm (depending on the bandwidth) *

* other dimensions on request