thoenes EPDM light-colored gasket material

thoenes® EPDM light-colored gasket material

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The thoenes® EPDM gasket material is available in many different versions with different shore... mehr
"thoenes EPDM light-colored gasket material"

The thoenes® EPDM gasket material is available in many different versions with different shore hardnesses, i.a. light EPDM, which is suitable for FDA compliance and for the food industry. In addition to the EPDM / SBR, material in Semperit quality with the appropriate elastomer guideline is also available on request.

Important features:
Depending on the material, the EPDM gasket materials have:

  • Good chemical resistance,
  • Good resistance to ozone weather,
  • A continuous use temperature of 70 - 100 °C.

For detailed information on the gasket materials, refer to the data sheets. *

Fields of application:

The thoenes® EPDM gasket materials are used in the food sector (FDA conformity required), in hot water and steam applications, in the sanitary sector, as waste water seal and drinking water seal (elastomer guideline, cold water and hot water required).

Physical forms:

  • Roll or plate goods depends on the thickness of the material **:
  • Material thicknesses per material: 0.5 - 50 mm **,
  • Cut or stamped seals: according to DIN EN 1514-1 **

* For further questions contact our application engineer
** other plate sizes and thicknesses or drawing-bound seals on request

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