MultiTex ePTFE gasket material

MultiTex® ePTFE gasket material

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The MultiTex® sealing material consists of 100% multidirectionally expanded ePTFE. It contains... mehr
"MultiTex® ePTFE gasket material"

The MultiTex® sealing material consists of 100% multidirectionally expanded ePTFE. It contains no fillers, pigments or printing ink and is therefore particularly well suited for clean applications, especially for the food and pharmaceutical sector (FDA-compliant).

Important features:

  • The flow behavior in the longitudinal and transverse direction is reduced to a minimum,
  • The applied surface pressure remains permanently,
  • The sealing material adapts perfectly to all surfaces, UV resistance, no aging,
  • Continuous operating temperature 270 °C, for a short time 315 °C are possible.

Fields of application:

MultiTex® PTFE sealing material is used in pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, apparatus engineering, enamel coated equipment, reactors, pumps as well as in pharmaceutical and food technology.

Physical forms:

MultiTex® ePTFE is available as plate material or as cut or stamped seal:

  • Plate size: 1500 mm x 1500 mm *,
  • Material thicknesses: 0.5 - 9 mm *,
  • Cut or stamped seals: according to DIN EN 1514-1 *

* other plate sizes and thicknesses or drawing-bound seals on request

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