thoenes PTFE gasket material

thoenes® PTFE gasket material

DIN EN1514-1 / Abmessung:

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The thoenes® PTFE gasket materials are made of virginal PTFE and contain no additional... more
"thoenes PTFE gasket material"

The thoenes® PTFE gasket materials are made of virginal PTFE and contain no additional reinforcements or fillers. Our PTFE flat gasket materials are harmless to health, have excellent chemical resistance, adapts well and has low friction. Depending on the application, these materials are available in FDA quality.

Important features:

  • Good electrical properties,
  • Anti-adhesion effect due to a very low coefficient of friction,
  • Very good weather resistance,
  • No aging,
  • Continuous operating temperature is 250 °C, for a short time 260 °C temperature load is possible.

Fields of application:

PTFE gaskets are used in chemical apparatus construction for corrosion protection as well as sealing material. In machine and vehicle construction, the very good sliding properties are used for self-lubricating bearings, sliding elements and seals. They are also used in electronics, electrical engineering, aerospace and data processing.

Physical forms:

  • PTFE seals made of virginal PTFE are available as plates or as cut or stamped seals:
  • Plate size *,
  • Plate thicknesses: 0.5 - 50 mm *,
  • Cut or stamped seals: according to DIN EN 1514-1 *.

* Plate sizes, other plate thicknesses, drawing-bound on request

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Mechanical seals
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thoenes Feingestricke
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