thoenes C639 - Cellulose packing

thoenes® C639 - Cellulose packing



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Description: C639 / TG: rectangular packing from pure cellulose fibre yarn, impregnated... more
"thoenes C639 - Cellulose packing"


C639 / TG: rectangular packing from pure cellulose fibre yarn, impregnated graphite PTFE and lubricant.

Fields of application:

Packing made of natural cellulose fibre has better features of the seals produced from cotton, hemp and ramie. Cellulose yarn has good resistance to heat, cold and sea water, waste water, diluted alkaline solutions as well as fats and oils. (gently undulating, easy for maintenance)

  • 1. pumps
  • 2. valves
  • 3. Special applications - Talk to us!

Importent features:

The advantage over cotton, hemp and ramie packings:

  • Long time work - due to the high absorbency cellulose fibre.

During production packing absorbs higher amounts of impregnating formulations which helps to prolong the service life of the packing.

  • Reduced wear - the uniform surface compared to other packing from natural fibres.

Physical forms:

The packing during mounting has to not be press hard this helps to reduce the consumption of shafts and mandrels.

 p (bar)vg (m/s)pHT (°C)
Pumpe 25 12 5-12 -50/+140
Kolben 60 2
Armatur 100 1,5
thoenes® Feingestricke
thoenes Feingestricke
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