thoenes P641 - Aramid- Glass packing

thoenes® P641 - Aramid- Glass packing



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The thoenes® P641 aramid glass fibre packing consisting of E glass fibres (core material with... více
"thoenes P641 - Aramid- Glass packing"

The thoenes® P641 aramid glass fibre packing consisting of E glass fibres (core material with aramid staple fibres (p-aramid, sheathing) or also with aramid endless fibre (p-aramid) possible.

Important features:

  • Extremely hard and compact,
  • Aramid fibres are sensitive to UV radiation,
  • Resistant to solvents, fuels, lubricants, salt water, oils, fats,
  • Not resistant to highly concentrated acids and alkalis, alkali metals, ...

aramid staple fibre

  • Flammable, but self-extinguishing,
  • Max. continuous temperature 300 °C,
  • Temporarily 370 - 400 °C possible.

E-glass fiber

  • Max. Continuous temperature 550 °C,
  • Short-term 600 °C possible.

PTFE Imrägnierung

  • Max. Continuous temperature 250 °C,
  • Briefly 280 °C possible.

Application forms:
In the production of buffers in wire drawing or during the plating process by zinc hot dipping

Physical forms:

  • Rectangular or square design,
  • With preparation possible,
  • Dimensions: 5-25 mm *.

* other deminsions on request

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