thoenes K271 - Ceramic fibre packing

thoenes® K271 - Ceramic fibre packing




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The thoenes® K271 ceramic fibre packaging is made from ceramic staple fibre yarns.... více
"thoenes K271 - Ceramic fibre packing"
The thoenes® K271 ceramic fibre packaging is made from ceramic staple fibre yarns.

Important features:
  • Extremely textile, soft and supple,
  • Low thermal conductivity of the fibres thus excellent insulating properties,
  • The added organic fibres (also called "spinning aid") decompose from 200 °C,
  • Braided souls made of chrome wire or glass yarn ensure the maintenance of strength.

Fields of application:

  • Temperature resistant at approx 1000 °C,
  • Resistant to oils, fats, liquid metals, acids (except phosphorus and hydrofluoric acid) and weak alkalis.

Physical forms:

  • Square, round, rectangular or 2-diagonal braids (5 - 50 mm *),
  • Reinforced with glass silk,
  • Reinforced with Cr-wire,
  • Graphite finish.

* other dimensions on request

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